by Joel Goodman - Author of Dance with the Shadow Machine. From his non-fiction book Solutions for a Naked Country

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

- Mark Twain

All Over but the Groveling

So - I could tell you that it’s all over but for the groveling. That there is nothing new left to say. That we know all that we need to know. That we have known the situation for far too long. That we have rationalized and suffered disquisition to the point of nausea. That we have been bombarded with right wing talk shows clamouring about the virtues of free capitalism in a corrupt State Capitalist country. That we have nurtured left wing loonies who hate everything that a bunch of people they call tired old white men gave them, and go on about how they want the same government they distrust and despise to take complete charge of their lives - having them select which freedoms they think are good for us.

We have government supported NPR bourgeois radio personalities decorating a new political order for us, bringing on their shows establishment approved talking heads, politely, sensibly and conveniently explaining away any terrible situation befalling us. We have a Supreme Court that only occasionally looks at the Constitution in some rational, responsible, legitimate way, and has now become the moral arbiter over things never intended to be looked at, let alone legislated on by the Federal Government. We have a black minority of the population holding hostage the political white majority with cries of racism at every turn. We have a Christian based minority making religious demands that holds the Republican Party hostage. We have immigration enforcement policy and sane guest worker immigration policy held hostage by the corporations who want cheap labor and the anti-corporate progressives who want open borders. We have an abominably small percentage of eligible voters voting, and we have an abominably large percentage of people unnecessarily adjudicated as felons locked away in jails. Between the people alienated by the two major political parties who want no part of the system and the disenfranchised felons who are excluded from the system, it's a wonder we have voters voting at all. On the other hand we have scared lunatic parents calling for "0" tolerance of anything that resembles a gun anywhere near their children, be it a picture on a tee-shirt or mashed potatoes on a plate, A true story! - We have a government pandering for more gun control at the very time they are handing out the very weapons they want banned to criminals from across the Mexican border and arming unreliable rebel groups around the world with fully automatic military rifles and more. We have institutionalized high drug costs and medical care into government programs rather than dealing with the underlying problem of over priced medical care. We have a supposed man of the people president who claims he has our backs, yet shamelessly and luxuriously vacations on millions of dollars from the treasury, while millions of people go jobless and hungry and homeless. The country is screwed, from top to bottom. Corruption has replaced virtue at every level of government, and morality the child of virtue has been confused with religion. Andy Warhol's fifteen minutes of fame has become fifty episodes on a reality show on national television wherein we seen everything that is fully unnecessary for anyone to see. Everybody is so busy texting their last sexual escapade or abysmal vulgar thoughts that there is no place left in their burned out brains for anything of value that might correctly influence their political decision, even if they knew that there was a political decision to be made. Anyone who does have a political interest is only involved enough in politics to see their guy get in and keep the other guy out. There are so many current and unresolved insanities that there should be no need to add additional ones, yet they are thrown at us at an ever-increasing rate by a controlled corporate media populated with well mannered blacks in tailored suits, blue eyed blonde haired beauty queens, nerdy looking intellectuals and square jawed jocks with ivy league ties - all smiling as often as they can - and ending each news cast with a lighthearted human interest story intended to demean the value of any real news that may have preceded it. The American population that is depended upon to create a government is politically and historically illiterate, as well as being functionally illiterate in the traditional sense of being literate, not that it would make much of a difference if most Americans knew what they were reading, considering the crock of crappy politicians they have to chose from in the first place. As I said - we are screwed all the way around.

Need I go on about the fact that we are in debt over our heads. That our paper money is to a great degree worthless. That interest rates are adjusted to satisfy the needs of international bankers who profit from shifting their money from one currency to another, from one type of investment to another. That mortgage rates whimsically rise and fall like the price of stocks and gasoline. Where Wall Street investing is more rigged than a crooked prize fight. Where corporate waste runs rampant, where marketing has replaced true innovation, where management earns 150 times as much as their employees and complains about employee wages forcing them to offshore their manufacturing - but not just for profit, but for more profit.

That most presidents before and every president since LBJ has lied about one war or another. That patriotic American military personnel are getting blown to pieces for no good cause, in spite of public service radio commercials to the contrary claiming that they are protecting our democracy and way of life. And even if they are, they aren't being allowed to fight the enemy as if they were in a real war. Which we won't say they are. That we are spying on our own citizens at a rate that would please the most demanding NAZI. That we live in a nation where middle of the night home invasions by law enforcement are used as search warrant executions. That we have militarized every agency of the federal government and most police departments. That we live in a country where the most patriotic are considered enemies because they support the Constitution, and where military veterans are considered security threats because of their familiarity with weapons and tactics. And many of those same veterans who took up arms in the name of the country are now denied the right to bear arms if they disclosed that they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. We obviously have a government that is planning to do something extremely evil in that it requires considering patriots as potential threats to its existence.

A major question today surrounds the proposal being made to initiate a guest worker program in the United States, similar to programs in many other countries. The social and economic ramifications of this program must be examined before any program is accepted. Under no circumstances should this type of program create a type of second class citizenship for those coming here to work. If foreigners are brought here to do unskilled and semi-skilled labor, they must be rewarded in some manner commensurate with American workers doing the same jobs. There, of course, would still be economic benefit to employers who choose to use this type of labor, but care must be taken to prevent the development of a foreign underclass. Also, any guest worker program must be seriously examined as to how it might affect pay and work standards of the American worker

If I appear to be negative, I would invite you to look at Ben Franklin's closing remarks at the Federal Convention in which he expressed his skepticism over the new Constitution at the very time the ass licking Federalists were busy extolling the supposed inviolable virtues of the new proposed Government.
From Franklin's mouth to your ears - "There is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and (this) can only end in Despotism, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other."

So, what else is new? You didn't really need Ben Franklin to tell you that even the great United States could and would be susceptible to corruption. If Franklin's lack of unmitigated enthusiasm for the new government seems a bit too insightful a comment about our government and the American people and makes you want to retreat to the safer fully supportive bullshit of our current day myth makers and media spinners, then so be it.

In any event we now clearly know that what once was - is now no longer, and the simple truth is that there is really nothing to be added to our knowledge that would clarify any more than that which is currently clear - we are not in Kansas anymore. One need only look through the transparent curtain to see that the wizard is just another bullshit lying politician who made his deal with the devil to get where he is. The payoff in politics is not always cash in the hand before the deed, but the job itself and all that comes with it, if politicians let the deal makers deal from the bottom of the deck to their advantage. As they say, one can cash in big if they play their cards right. Such is our democracy. The best government money can buy. Like you really had a choice in the last election - a white thief or a half white thief. Forget anyone who made sense, they were eliminated by the media at the start.

In the collective minds of 200 plus million cretins we have moved into a new era - the era of little talking machines that tell you where you are, where you are going, who's around you - and if there is someone on your 'friends' list' that might be in the neighborhood and whom you should run over and see - or at least text and let them know that you are nearby, not that you will necessarily meet them, but just that you are in contact range, and that at the moment you know as much about their location as the NSA - if the NSA were interested in them. But even if the NSA is not interested in them they might be interested in you - or some one whom you know and therefore you are of interest to the NSA.

And yes, the government is the new master and you belong to the government, in spite of what those tired old white guys said ever so many years ago. Welcome to the world of equality for all, where so many more people have so much less liberty. You didn't really think they were going to make the pie bigger. Not on your life - it's smaller slices for everyone, almost everyone that is. And, even with that being said, you'll only get your shares if you behave like good little children.

But again big deal that you know it's supposed to be different. You knew that before you read what David Hume or Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Paine or John Adams or John Locke said. You are though too dumb and chicken shit to do anything about it. So you listen to my asinine rant in which I call you an ass, because you really are. In fact ‘m an ass for bothering to tell you that you’re an ass. Revolution is not made by words - at least not today when all words are suspect and monitored and anyone who is a potential threat is kept under strict surveillance, and any one that that person knows is kept under strict surveillance as well.

I'd tell you a story about when I was hiding from the cops in Franco's Spain, but, that's another story, and the price of another story. Maybe I'll put it in a book and you can read about it there.

I seriously doubt that any of the writings of the guys I just mentioned a minute or so ago will help you see that you have a government that's out of control and lead you to do something about it.

The real question is, what part of liberty can't you understand?

What part of every sentence that falls from the mouth of a Washington politician can't you see as roasted bullshit on a stick with a crème topping.

In beginning this writing I thought I would stop listening to all talk radio and news radio, stop reading newspapers or searching the web for news.

I felt that taking in any "new" information would be useless and would only serve as a distraction and might not allow me to lurch forward as I felt I needed to. Each time I read something currently meaningful, it lies before me like a point of diversion, like a meaningful way to explain to my fellow citizens what is wrong and how we have swayed from the path of liberty and true security and happiness. But nothing newly written is truly new, just as it is not up to the aged writings of men from a different time to examine our ills and posit cures for them. We know what is wrong. We just don't have the gumption to do something about it. Most of us will still vote for a Democrat or Republican on the next go around. Most of us will not organize in our local communities and throw out the representatives of the medical establishment, of the educational establishment, of the highway pavers, of the developers and of the builders. The bankers will still run our lives. Some people somewhere makes billions off of the swings in the value of our money on a daily basis.

I wonder why people can't get it through their thick skulls that labor has value. In a certain sense that is the only value of a product. We go to work for a week and get a paycheck. The next week we get another check for the same work. But the second check won't buy as much because of inflation. Somehow our labor for the second week is worth less. We didn't slough off. We worked as many hours. But, still, we need more money to buy the same things. We are led to believe that our work is worth less. Actually the Cadillac that cost $4,500.00 in 1957 and costs $45,000.00 in 2013, really costs the same. It's just the value of the money that has gone down.

Lately we have been told that we are being paid too much for our labor, and that's why jobs are being lost. Actually inflation is really deflation. The value of the currency is being deflated and you need more money to buy the same thing. The dollar has shrunk to around 1/10 of its value since the 1950's, maybe actually less as of this writing.

Years ago during a period of earlier disillusion with the political situation I decided to stop reading the newspapers when I realized that there was a prepared section in the paper for all the different types of news stories, and a reporter assigned to each, and that therefore the news was in a sense prepared, and only so much news of certain types would make it into the newspaper. This was sometime before The New York Times reported that $90,000,000.00 of military supplies was illegally sent to the Colombian military as opposed to the original New York Times report a year earlier that said that the money was for anti-drug interdiction equipment for the Colombian anti-drug police. The true story, though, was reported in the San Jose Mercury News at the same time as the original New York Times report. It was also before I heard Alex Cockburns's talk entitled "News media - Watchdog or Lapdog." It was though at this time when I first restated the NY Times Motto from "All the news that's fit to print" to a more appropriate "All the news that fits we print."

In explaining existentialism Jean Paul Sarte says that before we begin to look at something new we must first stop looking at what we are currently looking at. Ultimately this becomes the Zen "living in the moment". We all know the results of trying to go forward while being held back. There are times when we can move forward because we are released from the moment. To try and move forward while still clutching the past is an ineffective move, regardless of how wonderful we feel about having multi tasked our consciousness. It's said you can't bullshit a bullshitter. It is also true that we all know when we are lying to ourselves. The result may not always be clear to us, but it is there, either subconsciously or in some cancer we have created in denying reality. America is denying its reality. It has been trying to bullshit itself since 1963. No less than many Germans bullshitted themselves through Hitler's reign of terror. Some still do. I often wonder what the townspeople of the several towns that surrounded the concentration camps really felt when they were forced to view the camps and the thousands of emaciated dead bodies. I've always assumed they weren't really surprised, but that they just really didn't enjoy haven't to look at what they had managed to successfully avoid looking at for so many years.

It is thus with America. Oh, I am sure that there are some true zealots on the right and some self righteous weirdoes on the left who believe half the crap they espouse in their hating or loving everything America does. I find that I can't listen to NPR lately Their announcers sound like high school retards (am I allowed to say "retard") - I know, as a white man, I can't say nigger, which has been made illegal for all but people with black blood. Cunt, wop, spic, kike, fag, dike, mick, asshole, prick, scumbag, schmuck - I don't believe those words have been made completely illegal. I know I'm allowed to say prick, scumbag and schmuck - I just like saying those words. In fact I like speaking New York sentences, old New York sentences - "You fucking goddamn son of a bitch bastard, piece of shit." Which, if you're from New York, you know is quite different from "You goddamn mother fucking son of a bitch." I just can't listen to a slew of effete sounding male announcers and teenage sounding female announcers who accent every other word in a sentence, and sound as if they're smiling while they're talking and introduce a correspondent's report by asking a question in a prepared scripted conversation - "So what is it that we know about - bullshit, bullshit, bullshit --- ?" Give me a break. Some days I don't know if I hate Left wing commentators more than I hate Right wing commentators. Why Lefties, especially Jewish Lefties hate people having guns and only want the very government they hate and distrust to have them is beyond me. I guess some Jews aren't as enlightened as others, or just have a much shorter view of history, or don't remember the Warsaw Ghetto, which by the way wouldn't have been so disgustingly bloody had the Jews not had the eight - count 'em "eight" guns they had. I mean Hitler just had to respond to such potential violence. Kinda' like a bigger Waco I guess, since they had guns too.

Anyway, the entire coffee klatch group of celebrity reporters sicken me. Inculcated up the ass into believing in the system and polite socially justified revolution. They couldn't find their way out of a recycled paper bag if it meant doing something honest to get out.

Whether or not we get to the bottom of another scandal, analyze till we are blue in the face another government project or initiative, or dissect another foreign policy event or foreign war - is truly irrelevant.

The time for all of the introspection and inspection and dissection is not yet at hand. Truly - we are not yet ready to discuss anything new at this point in time. Nothing that our governments do at this moment short of repairing a broken road, or shoring up a weakened traffic bridge or keeping a few police on the street or the mail running is truly appropriate.

I have within reach several recently begun writings, fiction and non fiction. I have at my disposal books ranging from stories of personal experiences in Vietnam to the Federalist Papers. I have writings that preceded the American Revolution and discussions that ensued during and immediately after the Federal Convention.

All the information contained within all the pages in all the research literature I have amassed up until this time is all irrelevant and like a discussion of current events or events currently discovered or uncovered it is inappropriate to discuss the concepts and ideas available to me at this time.

I am sitting at my computer array that I usually use for art work, and on the left of three screens - I have displayed a photo of the North Tower of the World Trade Center under construction. I have studied that image for several years. And, at each viewing I am more and more stymied by the crock of lies that the government used to explain away the obvious controlled demolition of the three buildings that fell on September 11, 2001. One doesn't need to be a civil engineer or architect to understand that what we were told about successive compression, pan-caking, is an out and out fabrication that has no truth to it.

It is no less a bundle of concocted lies than the government's Warren Report explanation of the assassination of John Kennedy years earlier. I believe it's time to find out what info LBJ socked away for a hundred years that he didn't want us to see. How about trying a little FOIA on that baby America?

Until the truth of these two seminal events is found, we as a nation have no right, in deed no ability to move forward. That we have been involved in one war after another since President Kennedy's murder, and that the collapse of the World Trade towers serves as the deus ex machina for the infringement on our liberties, is justification enough to stop and settle these questions once and for all right now. In fact, nothing else matters. A country that is living a lie is in deep trouble. Everything and everything that is done in its name is a lie as well

There has sprung up around us a security apparatus that has the potential to completely suppress our liberty and our very way of life. It is not surprising that we have not stopped it, since those who implemented its creation are quite emboldened by our lack of interest in its existence and who created it - while they destroy our society.

Everything that we cherish and is good and necessary, whether real or fantasized, that is reinforced by a multitude of muttered idiotic rote phrases that fall from our lips, is either under attack or already dead.

Reprinting the words of John Locke, of Tom Paine, David Hume, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee or Thomas Jefferson is really pointless at this juncture.

Stating what should be, what contractual agreement we have made with those we have been allowed to choose as leaders is meaningless while the truth of the John Kennedy assassination and 911 remains hidden. And by hidden, I don't mean to imply the fact that the excuse for the events is hidden, but merely that the perpetrators remain unnamed.

What good would it do to quote Patrick Henry and ask: "Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish, purchased at the price of chains and slavery?"

It would , as stated be meaningless. We already know what to do. We know the price of liberty. The cost to our comfort. We know what the system should be like, what it should look like. How it should operate. And living in a National Security State under the peering eyes of NSA voyeurs or some other even more secret agency creeps is not what liberty or a free America looks like. What we have now is anathema to the creed of America - which is a healthy distrust of government. It was Jefferson who begrudgingly agreed to the new Constitution, fearing a too energetic government. And to say that the current government is anything less than super energized is not merely an understatement but an insult to the English language and anyone who understands it. What we have now is a police state. Not an SS German police state. Not a KGB Russian police state. Not a DINA Chilean police state. Not a Stasi East German, or Savak Iranian police state, but our very own home grown American National Security State. And this police state is not new, it has only just recently and unabashedly been unveiled.

Actually, since the seventies there have been ever growing infringements on our liberty, demanded by the operators of the War on Drugs, and although the WOD was declared by the Nixon White House, it was Vice President and then President George H. W. Bush who brought the War on Drugs onto center stage and officially Christened it as the International War on Drugs and Terror in 1990 in Aspen Colorado along with Margaret Thatcher. One could liken Americans' acceptance of the violence that has ensued from the War on Drugs to a story attributed to Mark Twain on how to cook a frog. Supposedly if you dropped a frog in a pot of boiling water he'd jump right out. But if you put it in a pot of cold water, and slowly heated it up, the frog'd stay right there until it was too late, and it was boiled alive, much like us glued to our wide screen TV's only to eventually be boiled by the realty of the violence in the streets. But even our acceptance of War on Drugs’ inspired nightly terror raids into American homes by the DEA and local sheriffs and police was only the beginning. After 911 a greater acceptance of the total loss of our liberty was expected of us. A larger terror, a wave of tyranny that began to swell in the mix of arcane anti-terror legislation, has now, like a tsunami, come ashore and overwhelmed us. The travesties of the administration of every past president are now dwarfed by the incursions into our liberty made by our current President who, because of the shallow reporting of our journalists, who refuse to dig beneath the color of the President's skin, has remained immune to criticism, lest his attackers be called racist.

This is not about a black man being president. It is about the ignorant and self effusing magnanimity of the American public, who, in spite of current accusations of racism by black race baiters, were perfectly willing to elect a black crook as President just as easily as they have elected white crooks over the past two hundred years. But this crook is different - not only has he continued true to form in stealing our treasure, he has stolen our liberty. Those who killed Kennedy and those who perpetrated 911 are those who installed Barack Obama in office. They are experienced and they have chosen well, knowing that having a black president at this juncture in time would guarantee him more latitude of action in forwarding the agenda of a repressive police state than any white president could have. It was no accident or coincidence of fate that Mr. Obama so quickly came from obscurity to wind up in the White House. I clearly recall that Mr. Bush the younger was little inhibited in his global military pursuits by the American press. After all he was allowed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with nary a word from the corporate media contradicting his obviously distorted claims of weapons of mass destruction, and it was his Secretary of State, a previously honorable soldier, that presented ridiculous cartoons to an amazed world, shocked by the shallowness of the evidence - a weather balloon filling truck in the desert being labeled as a weapon of mass destruction. Not quite the U2 photos of missiles on the ground in Cuba and on ships en route from the USSR that Adlai Stevenson presented.

Okay, so let's forget about this current joke of a president and go back to some other joke of a president. Let's go back to LBJ - the Vietnam era "Hey hey LBJ, how many babies did you kill today?" LBJ. The one who was either in on the Kennedy assassination or knew enough to keep his mouth shut or they'd shoot him too - so he came up with the Warren Commission, which really should have starred Soup Sales, so it at least would have been funny funny instead of sick funny, because it was so much obvious bullshit. God bless intolerable Oliver Stone, who at least tried to say something. Surprisingly they didn't kill that dude.

We all know that the country changed drastically after John Kennedy was killed in broad daylight, and the patsy for the murder was then killed on national television. We all know that what occurred was a coup d'etat, the very same thing that happens all around the world all the time when a group wants power and has the means to do it in one fell swoop. Here, where we have all the trappings of a Democracy, like the French under Napoleon who in a series of plebiscites voted away their freedom, we too have to be allowed to vote away our freedom. We as free Americans would have it no other way.

We all know, or should know, that whoever killed Kennedy is still running the country. We all know that the Kennedy's were replaced by the Bushes.

I mean you can't shoot an Italian 6.5 Carcano rifle, the rifle that Oswald supposedly used from the Texas Book Depository, enough times quickly enough at a down angle and hit a moving target as many times as Kennedy was hit. I mean you just can't do it. And anyway the bullet trajectories into the car were all off for that kind of a shot anyway. But what is really nuts is the bullshit story they concocted for the World Trade Towers.


Look at the rectanular center Core in relation the square perimeter construction. (And compare the actual size of the central columns versus the thin rod-like size as indicated in a sketch from a site that supports the government conspiracy story.)

false rendering

A different rendering of the center core columns - appearing much smaller - "rodlike" versus the massive columns that actually existed

Let's put aside all the stuff about secret planes, and everything else. Put aside worrying about who did it. Just look at what happened. That buildings fell down in a way that is virtually impossible according to the explanation given. Forget the fact that the New York City firemen were at the impact site and were reporting only scattered fires they felt they could extinguish.

center core vs perimeter

Massive central core steel columns (52 inch I Beams) and vertical truss columns, and much less massive perimeter column and hanging (End clipped) floor truss joists

Look at a picture of the World Trade Towers being built, and look at a picture of the South Tower beginning to collapse. It is pretty cool. Not that it's falling, but that you get a chance to see the actual internal structure of buildings that were made to withstand the force of a Boeing 707 smashing into it at 600 mph, actually of several 707's crashing into them. Don't ask me about that. That's according to Frank Skilling the head structural engineer for the World Trade Center when the damn buildings were built, and dozens of other architects and engineers who aren't in bed with the government controlled corporate media and have had the balls to speak out - only to be called names and be ignored.


Notice the different damage - the heights at which the buildings were struck, the location of the strikes - and building seven, completely removed from the strikes and supposed intense heat, subject only to debris.

south tower

Notice the overhang of the top section of the South Tower, already collapsing, moving the center of compression away from the center of the core. Regardless of the camera angle, the lean of the falling section is significant. The tearing effect is located within the space on the west side of the building. Even if the space is reduced by the building falling onto it - the compressive loads are incapable of sending the collapsing section straight down onto the building below, which unaffecetd by the claimed high intensity fire should have been able to deflect the unequal load coming from above.

When looking at photos and videos of the South Tower, we see that the East side of the building is the side that began collapsing, crunching the floors below. In of itself that is amazing - massive beams giving way; but there they are - the top section collapsing longitudinally (from side to side) The damage from the plane was on the North-East corner of the building. That was where the weakened area was. The section started collapsing to the East and crunched the floors below. Once the top section started falling, that much weight should have overloaded the floor trusses below it, and overloaded the relatively light load bearing capability of the skin. There should have been nothing to keep it from continuing to move sideways - the direction in which it was going. It had overcome inertia and began its journey.

Once it began moving, only one of three things should have happened. Either the section should have stopped falling, having been arrested by the beams below in the core, or the section should have continued crunching floors below and toppled over, ripping itself from the tower, or the section should have ripped free and slid off from the tower. The East side of the building would be path of least resistance, fewer beams beneath to arrest its motion. At this point the most pressure on the tower below the crunching section was on the East side of the structure. Imagine being in a small boat and everyone suddenly moves to one side of the boat. The boat will tilt. Move enough weight and the boat will capsize. That's what happens when you exceed the load bearing capacity of a structure. The part that is subject to the most compression (weight) will give way, or in the case of a boat that is not connected to anything beneath it, it will roll over.

At this point, not only was the compression (the downward pressure beneath the top section) not evenly dispersed on the floors, there is the possibility that the West side of the tower at the point opposite where the section was crunching, was becoming unhinged, so to speak, and was actually under tension - that is, it had exceed its tensile strength - it was ripping apart. In no way was the West side of the building and the East side of the building immediately beneath the crunching section under the same compressive loads. Yet for successive compression, pan-caking, to occur, there must be equal compression placed on whatever is being compressed - like a hammer hitting a nail square on, the pressure must be equal and successive, in a straight line with the shaft of the nail. In this case, the top section of the building has to repeat the hammer like compression for more than sixty five floors.

But the first thing the upper section did was to begin to collapse sideways - yet miraculously rather than either stopping, or falling off, or sliding off of the tower, the section's lateral movement (side to side) stopped, and the top section fell straight down. And, the only way for that to occur is if the section of the tower below the crunching section is removed instantaneously, as a result of its being blown away in a controlled demolition. Had the section not tilted it still would have been incredibly unlikely to have collapsed successively. This can be deduced merely by looking at the core, its strength and the fact that the core is relatively narrower on two sides as it sits within the square footprint of the building. At some point the compression would have shifted - like hitting a nail crooked. Over the course of 65 floors beneath the upper section, at some point the falling section would have shifted laterally - and that would have been that.

That three buildings, of two different constructions, and the two buildings of the same construction being impacted differently all collapsed in a way that no other steel structure has ever collapsed is quite miraculous.

By the way, there's a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, and don't worry about the price, it's less than what you're paying for your liberty.

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