Donald Trump on the Second Amendment


It astounds me. In spite of Right Wing Talk Show Hosts frequent histrionic outbursts they are quite effete when it comes to the defense of liberty as laid out in the Constitution. For those who are great admirers of the Federalist papers, it would appear that they have either not fully read them or taken its commentary to heart.

It would further appear that there is a great divide for them between what is written on old parchment and what the meaning of those old writings has for modern day America. Aside from their response to Donald Trump's Second Amendment comment following his remarks on a Clinton appointed Supreme Court, I fault all of the sunshine patriot conservatives who have no animating program or agenda that will bring us back to a American political homeostasis.

While I am no supporter of Donald Trump, it is quite disheartening how his statement regarding those who are supporters of the Second Amendment was disavowed, and its simple meaning ignored. The preface to his comment was regarding the Supreme Court, and what it might do were Ms. Clinton to have the option to select its judges.

The framing of the Constitution was intended to create a government whose very form would preclude tyranny. This is what Hamilton, Madison and Jay spent months and many words explaining. Still, with all its supposed restraints on tyranny, the Anti-Federalists demanded and got a Bill of Rights, to guarantee liberty from being stolen by the Central government, in the very way it is being stolen today; and would be further stolen under a Clinton presidency.

So, when a man stands on the national stage and postures what might happen to us were Ms Clinton to have her way with the Court, and has the courage to lay it on the line, all the self described sons of liberty run for cover.

No, Donald Trump was not suggesting that armed citizens should attack Ms. Clinton, but he very directly conveyed the message that were our liberties further attacked, especially the right to protect those liberties as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, those who believe in the Second Amendment might do exactly what is described in the Federalist Papers - the armed citizen would come to the defense of liberty by standing in armed opposition to an intrusive tyrannical government.

We have a radical insurgency attacking and killing us, and the mere hint of Patriotic Americans firmly protecting their liberties makes the most vocal Conservatives shudder and quake behind their microphones. We are fighting not only a political establishment and an out of control government, we are fighting an organized Anti-American movement that has as members and fellow traveler Republicans, Black Power supremacists, Communists, Latino Racists, Socialists, Radical Muslims, Leftist Progressive Democrats and many very wealthy internationalist business leaders.

So, how quaint it is that on any given day Conservative Talk Show hosts will rant and rave about an out of control Federal Government, and when a man stands up and says that it may fall to those who take their liberty seriously, the armed citizen, they spend hours debating his remarks being a bad joke. No, Donald Trump is not an articulate man with vast historical knowledge able to articulate serious issues eloquently, but what may seem like blasphemy to some appears to be manna for others. I for one despise the man and his manners. But, still, I will not fault him on his love for this country, however poorly and crudely he may enunciate it.