"The world generally is really a battleground between two types of junkies - those who want to get high and be left alone - and those who get high by banding together with everyone who wants to attack the junkies who want to be left alone.”       

-   Judge Maxwell Jeremiah Sampson


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Dance with the Shadow Machine takes you on an involving suspense filled journey to America in the near future, and tears into the conflict that has defined American politics since the American Revolution - security versus liberty. The rise of a pseudo-conservative anti-government political movement, failing state economies, a never-ending war on drugs and terrorism, ever expanding government surveillance, a declining dollar and massive hidden inflation are today's current events, but they are also at the heart of Mr. Goodman's story, which is prefaced on an America in economic and emotional turmoil, and a political scene manipulated by a media whose raison d'Ítre is to describe corporate sponsored government policies in terms palatable to the public.

The central core of the story is intertwined with a newly imposed, frighteningly invasive cashless society. Once you have experienced the authorís vision of where America is headed you will be hard pressed to look at present day America in the same way.

The story follows two devoted friends who first meet on a government mission to the jungles of the Brazilian Amazon. There, the testing of a secret technology leads to a confrontation with Brazilian native tribes and South American Guerrillas. The outcome of the test and the bloody events in the jungle seemingly effect the two friends differently until many years later when they are forced to revisit the events that brought them together. Daniel, educated as a lawyer, serves as an Army Military Intelligence officer assigned to evaluate narco-trafficking in the Brazilian jungle; Charlie, a hacker and enfant sauvage of the computer programming world designs computer security systems for government agencies.

Joel was majoring in Architecture at the City College of New York in 1965 when he discovered Hermann Hesse’s Steppenwolf.  The admiration for existential thought has remained with him, and he admits that Hesse is one of the two central influences on his work.

The other influence came as a result of his studying with stage and NYC Opera director Frank Corsaro, who
invariably looked at ways to bring emotional life to the flat words on a page. This approach enabled the author to utilize both imagination and honesty without contradiction.

Additionally, his experience with film and photography contributed to his ability to create strong visuals in his writing. 

Joel is currently working
on a non-fiction study of
the history of America's
contemporary problems
and their solutions.

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